Don’t panic: it will be ok

Trump, Brexit, LaPen, Corruption in SA. Fears of foreigners. Money, scams and fake news. Presidents who lie (more than usual). Violence in schools. Healthcare for the privileged few. Gender and poverty gaps. Pressure and deadlines. Materialism. Paying bills at the end of the month. Addicted to our phones. We live in exciting times. There is […]

I am in a rush…

In a rush to fix the world. I see struggling entrepreneurs barely managing to survive. I am in a rush to help them have a lucky break. I am in a rush to slow down and focus on what is really important. To learn to differentiate between noise and content. I am in a rush […]

Stop wanting to be a billion dollar business!

“Maybe we should move away from this idea of billion dollar evaluations. The number of startups that haven’t become billion dollar businesses but make unbelievable returns for their shareholders is enormous”. “York Zucchi, a maverick Swiss born entrepreneur…” Hyperbole aside, my view is that not focusing on becoming the next facebook takes a lot of […]

Entrepreneurial rumblings

Entrepreneurship – until you’ve tried it, it is difficult to describe. When you talk about it it has all the resemblances of a nice neat little box: idea, prototype, tests, clients, funding, growth, etc. But when you are in it  you really get to know yourself – what you are good at, not good at, […]

Here’s to the future…

Here’s to the future. To the courage to let go of what we are comfortable with. To the taming of the butterflies. Here’s to choosing your attitude. To life. To appreciating the small things. Here’s to realising that success is not a destination but a journey. Here’s to understanding that what really matters is what […]