Stop wanting to be a billion dollar business!

“Maybe we should move away from this idea of billion dollar evaluations. The number of startups that haven’t become billion dollar businesses but make unbelievable returns for their shareholders is enormous”. “York Zucchi, a maverick Swiss born entrepreneur…” Hyperbole aside, my view is that not focusing on becoming the next facebook takes a lot of […]

Advice to mentors

A little jog down memory lane reminds me that I’ve been involved in mentoring for as long as I can recall… And not always doing it well. I’ve learned many a things over the years, so thought of putting down some of my learnings for the benefit of others… Here are my tips around mentoring…

Entrepreneurial rumblings

Entrepreneurship – until you’ve tried it, it is difficult to describe. When you talk about it it has all the resemblances of a nice neat little box: idea, prototype, tests, clients, funding, growth, etc. But when you are in it  you really get to know yourself – what you are good at, not good at, […]