Think, Speak, Listen, Act – thoughts for 2018

Two days ago Tamar and I visited the beautiful Nan Hua Buddhist temple on the way to Witbank, South Africa. It was a breathtaking experience and we ended up doing a bit of meditation there (it is free of charge though a donation is always welcome to help them). While inside the temple I picked […]

I am in a rush…

In a rush to fix the world. I see struggling entrepreneurs barely managing to survive. I am in a rush to help them have a lucky break. I am in a rush to slow down and focus on what is really important. To learn to differentiate between noise and content. I am in a rush […]

My thoughts around more women becoming successful in business

This extract is from a recent article in Global Woman (   As a man, a businessman in particular, what are your thoughts around more women getting empowered and successful in business, and how will this change the future in business? “My business partner Anke is a woman. My girlfriend Tamar is an entrepreneur. My […]