Bridging the finance gap for innovators in Africa

Bridging the financing gap in the innovation space: notes from my panel discussion at the #AfricanInnovationSummit2018 (#AIS2018) Innovators are essentially fucked (a technical term that entrepreneurs use when stuck between the oven and the frying pan). Almost everyone wants to support them, yet very few are prepared to fund them. The investments required are often […]

Here’s my gripe with growing the SME economy.

Here’s my gripe with growing the economy. Tackling unemployment by giving young people experience in large companies is certainly important, but the truth is that business aim is to always hire fewer people rather than more. No self respecting entrepreneur wants to have as much staff as possible. What we need is more business opportunities […]

Don’t panic: it will be ok

Trump, Brexit, LaPen, Corruption in SA. Fears of foreigners. Money, scams and fake news. Presidents who lie (more than usual). Violence in schools. Healthcare for the privileged few. Gender and poverty gaps. Pressure and deadlines. Materialism. Paying bills at the end of the month. Addicted to our phones. We live in exciting times. There is […]

Why knowing why you are doing what you do is so important

(random morning thoughts from the Chief Coffee Drinker) The ‘why’ is not just a company statement. The why is your fuel. It is your map and your compass in a world full of distractions. Distractions are your biggest danger. In your entrepreneurial journeys, deciding what you don’t do is as important as deciding what you […]