What is a Chief Coffee Drinker?

No. I don’t drink coffee for a living (I’ve tried, believe me…).

… I am going to shamelessly steal the description the friendly folks at Go Content wrote about me for an event:

With a list of achievements longer than most LinkedIn pages out there, Swiss-born York nevertheless humbly refers to his current position, as ‘Chief Coffee Drinker’. Yet, this GIBS MBA (Entrepreneurship) graduate and former Goldman Sachs banker is passionate (no obsessed) with SME Growth. He is a TEDx Talk speaker, business founder many times over, and an expert in what it takes to succeed in a broken ‘SME’ system. He is an expert in access to markets as part of SDG 8.
“I was manufactured in Switzerland but am a child of the world, which is where my ‘career’ took me (9 companies in 11 countries). During my last position at Goldman Sachs I came across lots of research of how Africa is THE place to be, so I packed my bags and moved to South Africa in 2007 to start numerous businesses, a few which failed and a few which succeeded. My passion for entrepreneurship and the evidence that SMEs are the answer to fixing an economy led me and a few other partners to create what is today one of the world’s most ambitious movements, namely the www.SMEmovement.org – to connect 100 million SMEs to each other. Because SMEs matter, dammit!”
The mission of the global SME Movement? To democratize access to markets so that every single entrepreneur, corporate, innovator and researcher, irrespective of where they are based (from Tel Aviv to Dubai to the favela of Rio to the township of Diepsloot) have the same access to opportunities as everyone else, effectively solving the global access to markets challenge.

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