On Listening to Clients… Advice to startups

On listening to what clients really want…
Perspectives from the Chief Coffee Drinker.

20190502_152636Was reading this wonderful book and was captured by the approach of not anticipating, not thinking but just being. We entrepreneurs forgot the art of listening by our constant use of our brains. The writer – in his approach to teaching acting – suggests that an actor shouldn’t do anything unless something ‘happens’.

In entrepreneurship too often the entrepreneurs are not waiting to listen to what what the client tells us but rather figuring out and intellectualizing what the clients wants before they tell us. We are anticipating their needs – which sometime can be useful – but in the process not listening.

And the not listening means we invest time and money resources in anticipating a solution we think the clients want, and when some the client do actually speak we are too afraid to really listen to them for fear that what they are saying they want doesn’t fit into the answers we are heavily invested in that we thought the client wants to hear.

That, in essence, my entrepreneurial friends, is why you shouldn’t rush to develop a solution or product until you have started working with a client on a problem.

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