Here’s my gripe with growing the SME economy.

Here’s my gripe with growing the economy. Tackling unemployment by giving young people experience in large companies is certainly important, but the truth is that business aim is to always hire fewer people rather than more. No self respecting entrepreneur wants to have as much staff as possible.

What we need is more business opportunities for entrepreneurs, young and seasoned, to tap into. That is not tenders. Young people wouldn’t qualify. What young people need is an understanding of what they are good at so that they can be matched to relevant opportunities again and again and again, a bit like a plumber or electrician or accountant or professional waiter. The future of work is not employment. The future of work is self employment.

This is what we are working on. Our aim is to onboard 100m African SMEs – including young people – where SMEs can share what they are working on and looking for (we already have SMEs from 31 countries in Africa). The more SMEs trade with each other – even small things – the faster we raise the GDP tide for everyone, including the current tsunami of unemployed.

Here’s my challenge to all of you: please go to and post 1 business opportunity.

1 opportunity at a time we can change the world.

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