We are sorry! A message from South Africa to the world

Yesterday I was part of a panel discussion by Brand SA about positioning South Africa’s brand. While I was sitting there listening to the audience feedback and comments I wrote the following that captures in my view South Africa’s mood. Hope you enjoy it.

We are sorry, Dear world. 

We gave you a geopolitical miracle in 1994 on the back of a phenomenal spirit of can-do, of listening to each other.

We dropped the ball recently by letting greed jam at foot in our ethical doors. Will let you down dear world. But we are not giving up.

We are at can do people. We are waking up from our slumber and slowly but firmly unjamming that foot from the door so that we can close that horrible chapter and open new ones.

We have a history of working out serious issues. We tackle things. Sometime frustratingly slowly, true, but we do engage eventually. We are rising again. We are realising we’ve been trying to push ‘South Africa 1st ‘ to the world much to the detriment of our brothers and sisters on this continent. We were rude. We are aware of it and are doing our damnedest best to change ourselves.

We are sorry and we are going to learn the language of respect again. Respect for our fellow brothers and sisters who don’t have access to opportunities. Respect for our African neighbors. Respect for ourselves.

We are sorry dear world, but don’t give up on us yet. We are working damn hard to make you proud of us. We’re going to make you proud to allow us to be your friends, your colleagues, your suppliers & buyers and your business partners in this amazing journey called life.

We are doing a lot of cleaning up of our house and as with all such operations there’s a lot of dirt coming up. That makes it harder to see far and clear so it may look like gloom and doom, but it is just the sign of our brooms working hard.


South Africa

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