My thoughts around more women becoming successful in business

This extract is from a recent article in Global Woman (


As a man, a businessman in particular, what are your thoughts around more women getting empowered and successful in business, and how will this change the future in business?

“My business partner Anke is a woman. My girlfriend Tamar is an entrepreneur. My best friends – from multiple restaurant entrepreneur Ansel to healthcare impresario Dr Mashadi, are women entrepreneurs in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Women have always been entrepreneurially minded – despite the suppression by men over the years, especially so in relatively male dominated cultures as found in Africa. In the last 8 years particularly, I have witnessed a renaissance of women entrepreneurs: it is almost as if the world suddenly woke up – as a generalisation – and decided that 50% of the world’s population is full of talent and potential.

I don’t know if it is thanks to the internet, thanks to great women and men taking a stand for equality or if it is because men finally realised the idiocy of suppressing this incredible pool of entrepreneurial talent. What I am confident in saying is that – in my experience – women will probably be better entrepreneurs than men. I generalise grossly of course, but in my dealings with women they are better planners, negotiators, and can take the pain that the entrepreneurial journey inevitably brings much better than men can. The shit that women had to deal with for so many years – from glass ceilings to income gaps for the same work, to the inaccessibility of  ‘boy’s networks’ only made women stronger, more resilient and fitter to deal with this amazing roller coaster called entrepreneurship.”

(the full article as well as 24 tips to women entrepreneurs can be found at )




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