What was I thinking??? #RunningNakedChallenge

What the $#%& was I thinking??? I casually promised that if we get 3.000 businesses on our initiative www.JoinTheEquation.com by 31st of May I would run naked down the street.

We launched last week and already at a few hundreds. Ouch. Torn about meeting our aims….

For those who don’t know…

“Join The Equation” is an initiative to match businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the world with relevant business opportunities and in the process assist them to grow. Think of ‘The Equation’ as an online dating site that connects businesses to other businesses.

www.JoinTheEquation.com is for Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporates, NGOs, Government Organisations and Incubators who are looking for:

…for new customers.
…to enter new markets.
…to diversify your supplier base.
…for new business partners.
…to support entrepreneurship development.
…for new business opportunities.
… support your entrepreneurial friends.

Please share this message with as many entrepreneurs and businesses as possible. Together we can make a real impact on growth in Africa.
(PS – the photo is me as a kid in Vogue magazine in Italy a few moons ago… just to show that I have run naked in public before 🙂

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