Thing to do on a Sunday afternoon: deciding to pack my bags to go on a 2 year trip of Africa…

Today I am happy to announce the 2nd of 5 big announcements.
(the 1st was the launch of the dating site for businesses — where we match businesses with each other — think Tinder for SMEs —

As many of you know I am passionate about this amazing minestrone of a continent called Africa. But one thing is talking about it and another thing is having actually been there (for more than just 2 days for business). And so I plucked up the courage, decided to take a leap of faith and as of the first of August of this year I will embark on a 2 year journey through Africa. 11 countries. 2 month per country.

The aim of the trip is:

1. To write “An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Africa”. Essentially to understand better this incredible continent of opportunities called Africa and document this journey through a blog that explains in a practical way to those interested in doing business in that country on how to go about it from a entrepreneur’s perspective (i.e. explaining things not in terms of high level statistics but rather in a “what can you do tomorrow morning” way).

2. Promote entrepreneurship across the continent via speaking and lecturing engagements.

3. Share insights I gained over the last years on the journey of entrepreneurship as well as my involvement in various initiatives to support entrepreneurs.

The countries and dates are as follows:

Tanzania — 1st August 2016- 30 September 2016
Rwanda — 1st October 2016–30 November 2016
Morocco — 1st December-31st January 2017
Nigeria — 1st February 2017–31st March 2017
Tunisia — 1st April 2017–31st May 2017
DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) — 1st June 2017–31st July 2017
Sierra Leone — 1st August-30 September 2017
Ethiopia/Eritrea — 1st October-30 November 2017
Guinea Bissau — 1st December-31st January 2018
Kenya — 1st February-31st March 2018
Uganda — 1st April-31st May 2018

How you can contribute:

I am particularly looking to meet business schools and incubators in each country. If you know of people working in the various countries in activities that support entrepreneurs I would be truly grateful for an introduction.

Thanks to the amazing researchers, Michael Smilas and Dylan Strydom to spent the last 2 months doing a brilliant job at researching the itinerary, preparing the budgets, etc.

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