The power of asking good questions

There is probably nothing more powerful in life than the ability to ask good questions. I myself still talk too much and ask too little (relatively speaking) and am working on changing that. Still, if you are looking for great (general) questions, here is a list I believe will open the world to you. I wish I could remember where I copied the text below (so whoever wrote this, my apologies for not crediting you accordingly).

Information gathering questions

  • What made you decide to go into this sector?
  • What prompted you/ your company to look into this?
  • What are your expectations/ requirements for this product/ service?
  • What process did you go through to determine your needs?
  • How do you see this happening?
  • What is it that you’d like to see accomplished?
  • With whom have you had success in the past?
  • With whom have you had difficulties in the past?
  • Can you help me understand that a little better?
  • What does that mean?
  • How does that process work now?
  • What challenges does that process create?
  • What challenges has that created in the past?
  • What are the best things about that process?
  • What other items should we discuss?


Qualifying questions

  • What do you see as the next action steps?
  • What is your timeline for implementing/ purchasing this type of service/
  • product?
  • What other data points should we know before moving forward?
  • What budget has been established for this?
  • What are your thoughts?
  • Who else is involved in this decision?
  • What could make this no longer a priority?
  • What’s changed since we last talked?
  • What concerns do you have?

Establishing rapport, trust & credibility questions

  • How did you get involved in…?
  • What kind of challenges are you facing?
  • What’s the most important priority to you with this? Why?
  • What other issues are important to you?
  • What would you like to see improved?
  • How do you measure that?

(remember: no leading… no prompting… no interrupting.)

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